QR Crash Replacement Scheme

Have you been in an accident that was completely your fault?

Accident – an unfortunate incident that can cause damage to yourself, your bike, and most unfortunately.. your latest DFYRS merchandise. When described this way, an accident just sounds like something we have to deal with; something often unavoidable, that you’ll just have to get over. 

HOWEVER.. this is not the case. 



We are now offering a 40% crash replacement discount on our kit if it manages to sustain damage on the trail within a year of purchase!

At DFYRS, we believe that our kit is built to withstand the trials and tribulations of mountain biking, but big incidents do happen. Whether that involves skimming yourself along the floor after a poorly executed landing, or clipping a tree trying to maintain the inside line on some techy steeps. The bottom line is, if you stack, we've got your back.

 To claim, simply drop me an email to support@dfyrs.com with the following information -

> Order number (found on order confirmation email)

> Details of incident (entertainment purposes)

> Image of damaged article

> Desired replacement article (if exact replacement is not available)